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Join our BETA Squad!

We’re only a few months away from launching Notes Beauty in all its glory and we need your help to get to the final finish line! After months of testing our shampoo and conditioner formulas with over 100 women, and refining the super-sleek algorithms that makes it possible for us to create custom shampoo & conditioners on demand, we’re delighted to open a final 25 spaces in our BETA squad.


What’s a BETA?

A beta simply means ‘testing’. Over a short period, we give a small number of people the chance to test out Notes Beauty before the rest of the world. This allows us to get feedback from you about our website, the order process, our packaging, delivery times and other things.

How does it Work?

It costs £20 to participate in our Beta and you need to apply using the form below. If you are selected, we’ll send you a link to preview our website and send you 2 questionnaires to complete. We’ll also send you a link from which you can order your Notes Starter Kit (normally £40). The Starter Kit includes: 2 x 300ml of custom shampoo and conditioner – personalised just for you!, a soft cotton bag and luxury hair towel. 2 – 3 weeks after your order arrives, we’ll ask you to complete the first questionnaire and our founding team will give you a call to get your feedback on Notes Beauty. This call would last about 20mins. 2 – 3 weeks later, we’ll ask you to complete the final questionnaire.

How long does the Beta last?

Each Beta period last 3 months

How many spots do you have?

We only have 25 spots on our BETA squad. We started in January 2018 with 200 beta spots but we’re now down to the final hurdle! So if you are curious about Notes Beauty and want to help shape the future of haircare, don’t delay, get involved!

Apply to Join our Beta Squad today!